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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Boy in the Scarlet Hood

Everyone’s heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood – but few have heard of James MacBay, a simple village boy who falls prey to a decades old pact between his grandfather and the big, bad wolf. Rolf wants a mate – and James is the one he’s chosen to live in his home, sleep in his bed, and bear his young.

Warning – This 4,000 word story contains explicit sexual encounters between an innocent virgin boy and the wolf who wants to claim him. Includes themes of knotting and mpreg. All characters are 18 or older.

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Men with Bairn CoverMen with Bairn 

Corran is happy with his life – the Court Sorcerer for his lover, King Andras – but he finds the constant talk about when the king will produce an heir to be both chafing and frustrating, as he himself cannot fill that function.

Determined to find a way to produce an heir without involving Andras taking a queen, Corran’s magic lashes out, creating havoc across the kingdom.

This is a short story of approximately 4,000 words and contains adult scenarios. This title also includes Alpha/Omega dynamics and human knotting.

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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Wolf’s Girl

Out of respect for Scarlet’s aging great grandmother, wolf shapeshifter Faolan has waited to claim the girl for his mate. With her death, and his oppressive loneliness, Faolan is no longer able to hold back his desires to go to her.

As he ingratiates himself into her life as the family pet, Faolan begins to wonder whether or not Scarlet is completely human herself. After all, her reactions to the male wolf are not quite what he expected.

This title is 15,ooo+ words and contains knotting and sex with a transformed wolf shifter.

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Seven Soul 

Everyone knows that Snow White was raised from the dead by True Love’s Kiss – but what if her Prince Charming wasn’t her true love at all? Found by the Prince Char after living with her seven dwarves in a woodland cottage, Snow must come to terms with the life she leads – and the life she’s lost.

This sensual short story explores what happens when you try to live a life under false assumptions. Don’t worry though – a happy ending is guaranteed! This story is approximately 7500 words.

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proposition new coverTheir Taboo Desires Series

#1 Proposition

Daniel and Colt have grown up together – the first adopted by the MacCreighvy’s as a boy, the second all but raised with him, especially after an accident claims the lives of his parents. The boys have always been close – so when they’re in danger of losing the MacCreighvy home because Daniel’s drunk father won’t pay the mortgage, Daniel comes to Colt with a plan.

His idea? Start a website containing taboo videos of Colt “seducing him”… and if working out the details means that Daniel gets a shot with the man he’s wanted since he can remember, who would begrudge them a little pleasure mixed with business?

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#2 Premier

Colt and Daniel continue to follow through with their plan to raise enough money to save their home by creating adult videos for a niche market. They’ve got the cameras in place and they’re ready to film their first scene, but there’s just a slight complication…

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