A is for Alpha

So. A-Z Challenge. Should be fun, right?

For the duration of this challenge, I’m going to be focusing very heavily on the Alpha/Beta/Omega trope – I have two ebooks out that make use of it (Men with Bairn and Boy in the Scarlet Hood) and more on the way. It’s not something you see very much in original fiction – it came from fanfic, and is widely used within certain fandoms, such as Sherlock and Supernatural. Most Omega!verse fic is between two men.

Omega!verse can be written in so many different ways, but there are several factors common throughout many stories – the Alpha/Omega, knotting, and male pregnancy.

The Alpha is typically a larger male and is often given a high status in the society. Alphas are generally recognized through pheromones, but their “Alpha”ness gives them a knot at the base of their cock, similar to a canine’s. Omegas are the opposite of Alphas and also their ideal mates – they tend to be smaller, and if they are male, they generally have a self-lubing arsehole, at least during their heats. (Betas are sometimes another word for Omegas, and sometimes used to designate the “normal” percentage of the population – humans who are like the normal world is, though sometimes with decreased fertility.)

Knotting is when the knot at the base of the Alpha’s cock swells and locks his dick inside the Omega (or Beta) during sex.

And of course, male pregnancy is just what it looks like on the tin – a dude who gets knocked up. Male pregnancy is also a separate trope from Omega!verse, so not all mpreg stories will include knotting or arse-slick or heats or mates.

But it’s super fun when they do 😉